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1004 HORA is an association of home owners and residents of 1004 Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

The estate was originally owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. In 2004, it was sold to 1004 Estates Limited, the special purpose vehicle incorporated by Union Homes Limited (Union Homes) and UPDC Plc (UPDC) for the purpose of facilitating the sale as part of the privatisation program of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Subsequent to the upgrade of the estate and facilities, 1004 Estates Limited, advertised units within the Estate for sale and invited prospective purchasers of individual units. Our members responded to the offers for sale and purchased apartments in the Estate.


  • Acting Chairman – Barr. Lara Ademola
  • General Secretary –  Barr. Lara Ademola


Cluster A:

  • Barrister Bayo Ademiluyi
  • Mr. Simeon Ononobi

Cluster B:

  • Mr. Ayodeji Kolawole
  • Dr. Aduloju Catherine

Cluster C:

  • Mrs. Efe Farinre
  • Mr. Sam-Ben Ohen

Cluster D: (To be voted in)



The association has 8 trustees
1. Tayo Soetan D Cluster
2. Yomi Ishola D Cluster
3. Alfred Eyimife A Cluster
4. Tony Ezeukwu A Cluster
5. Bar. Lotana Okoli B Cluster
6. Theresa Okpokpor Okenabirhie B Cluster
7. Kingsley Akinroye C Cluster
8. Lohi Ifidon Ola C Cluster