Dear Homeowners/Residents,

Please find below update on the activities that are ongoing in the estate.

1. Water Plant

The contractor handling revamp of the water dosing system has completed installation and is currently conducting tests/certification prior to commissioning. It is our hope that good quality water will soon be supplied to the estate.

2. Repairs of Generators/Transformer

Refurbishment/repairs of 2 No generators and 3 No transformer is currently ongoing. The transformers/generators have not been maintained for upward of 3 years.

3. Evaluation of Facility Managers

Facility managers have been shortlisted for evaluation. This process will culminate in the selection of a credible facility manager for the estate.

4. Security

We are aware of the security challenges in the estate. A new Chief Security Officer (CSO) has been appointed to oversee and coordinate security procedures in the estate. The CSO will also take the lead in establishing access control and implementation of the ID Management System. Please accord him all necessary support and cooperation. He will resume duties on 1st June 2017.

5. Court Cases Against 1004 HORA

1G4 Power, the former power contractors who abandoned their contract has sued 1004 HORA claiming the sum of about N650million on the flimsy allegation that 1004 HORA terminated their contract. This claim is unfounded and will be vehemently challenged in the courts. We are currently preparing the defence against their spurious claims.

6. Use of Recreation Facilities

Residents should note that no parties/social functions are allowed on the basketball/tennis courts. The club houses are reserved for hire for such functions.

7. Power Tariff

Arrangements are being made to engage the Power Committee to review the current electricity tariff. Their findings and recommendations will be communicated to all residents.

 8. Children Playground

A suitable space will be identified for use as children’s playground.



For: 1004 HORA

Assistant General Secretary



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